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Learn About the Seakeeper Products We Use

As the global leader in marine stabilization, Seakeeper’s innovative technology changes the boating experience by eliminating up to 95 percent of all boat roll. The technology works in all sea conditions, both at rest and underway. Completely self-contained, the Seakeeper produces no drag and has no risk of damage from an impact or snag. A Seakeeper gyro can be installed virtually anywhere on the boat. Since selling its first gyro in 2008, Seakeeper has developed a growing range of models suitable for boats over 27 feet.

Seakeeper’s innovative motion control design improves the boating experience for veteran boaters and entices even complete novices to the water. Unlike other high-tech marine equipment that is enjoyed by the captain alone, Seakeeper makes a profound difference in the experience of everyone on board.


Our newest model, the Seakeeper 2, is optimized for stabilizing boats from 27 to 32 feet. The Seakeeper 2 runs solely on 12-volt DC power with no need for a generator or AC input. It is 22% smaller and 20% than our previous smallest model, small enough that it can even be installed on deck level, inside a customized leaning post