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Yamaha Marine Group Unveils New Products Aimed at a Wide Range of Boating Applications

Offshore Demo Tour program expands with Helm Master® -equipped boats.

Miami, Fla., Feb. 9, 2015 – Yamaha Marine Group announced this week the introduction of six new outboards, as well as a host of new rigging, parts, propellers, and updates to Helm Master integrated boat control system, during the Miami International Boat Show®. In addition, Yamaha will further expand its Offshore Demo Tour program at Sea Isle Marina with many Helm Master-equipped boats.

The new outboards support Yamaha Marine’s continued emphasis on providing product that integrates with a wide range of boating applications and boater preferences. Headlining the new product release are four additions to the V MAX SHOR outboard family, all of which are compact, light weight and capable of performance typically associated with two strokes, but with the convenience, fuel efficiency and quiet operation of a four stroke.

The new V MAX SHO 115 (MSRP $11,755), aimed at smaller boats, and the new V MAX SHO 175 (MSRP $16,740), aimed at midsize boats, round out the horsepower offerings of the V MAX SHO family, which already includes V MAX SHO 150, 200, 225 and 250 models. The new V MAX SHO 150 X-Shaft (MSRP $16,490) and V MAX SHO 250 X-Shaft (MSRP $23,150) are the first members of the V MAX SHO family to feature a 25-inch shaft length, making them ideal for boats with large transoms. Each of the new outboards allows Yamaha’s V MAX SHO family to integrate with more boat types, and meet the needs of more boaters.

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Yanmar Becomes the Official Technical Partner of ORACLE TEAM USA for the 34th America's Cup
Yanmar Co., Ltd. has become the Official Technical Partner of the 33rd America's Cup Champions, ORACLE TEAM USA.
With ORACLE TEAM USA defending the 34th America's Cup this September in San Francisco, California, Yanmar is providing engines and drive systems for the team's chase boats, an indispensible part of the race to the top spot, in this, the pinnacle of the world of ocean racing.

Yanmar has a wealth of experience in providing the world's marine and racing community with technologically sophisticated marine engines, drive systems, and products and service of unparalleled performance and quality.  With its intimate knowledge of the world's oceans, Yanmar's challenge, together with a team at the top of the sport in the world's most demanding high performance sailing race, the F1 of the ocean, seems like a natural evolution of the enviable reputation Yanmar has earned for the endurance and reliability of its engines in North America, Europe, and around the world. Yanmar will pursue the highest levels of technological excellence towards assisting the crew of ORACLE TEAM USA in their pursuit of victory in the 34th America's Cup.

"We are very excited to partner with Yanmar for this 34th America's Cup campaign," said ORACLE TEAM USA CEO Russell Coutts. "Yanmar is recognized worldwide for their tremendous expertise in marine engines and technology. It is their precision engineering that will power our chase boats, allowing us to perform the many critical functions required both throughout training and on race day. Yanmar provides a vital component to our program, and it is fantastic to have them onboard."

Yanmar is providing marine engines and drive systems to two ORACLE TEAM USA chase boats. The chase boats are not just limited to towing before and after the race. With the racing catamarans set to reach speeds in excess of 40 knots (74.1 km/h), the chase boats are also responsible for the important job of tracking the progress of the race, ready to provide immediate support for any eventuality.

By becoming ORACLE TEAM USA's Official Technical Partner, Yanmar has been entrusted with the enormous confidence placed in the speed, power and reliability of its engines by the team members who risk life and limb on the unpredictable waters of San Francisco, in this perilous race.

As one of the race team's partners, the Yanmar logo will be displayed on the rudders and wheel of the actual AC72 race boat as well as on the rudder and tiller of the AC45 America's Cup World Series boats. In addition, crew members will call the chase boats by their new names: "Chase Boat YANMAR1" and "Chase Boat YANMAR2".

With the eyes of the world on this, the greatest race in international yachting, Yanmar is looking to increase its brand exposure through association with the world's top racing team, ORACLE TEAM USA, towards further building a premium brand.

The 34th America's Cup:
Date:                       September 7 to 22, 2013
Location:                 San Francisco, California, USA
Race format:          One-on-one match racing.
Race boats:            AC72 catamaran
Defending team:     ORACLE TEAM USA
Challenger:             TBD (in the Louis Vuitton Cup held in July & August, 2013)
Official website:

The America's Cup:
The America's Cup is the world's premiere international yacht race where clubs from around the world compete to be the world's best. It's also a stage where each team challenges with innovative boat design and technology as well as advanced technical ability in fluid dynamics and meteorology, and cutting edge engine technology.

Beginning in 1851, the America's Cup predates the modern Olympic Games by 45 years, football's World Cup by 79 years and golf's Open Championship by 9 years, making the well-known trophy the oldest sporting prize still awarded in modern times.

After taking the cup from previous holders, Swiss team Alinghi, at the 33rd America's Cup held in Valencia, Spain in February 2010, Larry Ellison's ORACLE TEAM USA is now the defending champion at the 34th America's Cup. Headed by team CEO Russell Coutts and team skipper James Spithill, ORACLE TEAM USA is comprised of the best of international sailing, design and construction technology along with a comprehensive support structure towards the defense of the 34th America's Cup.

An official joint press conference with ORACLE TEAM USA is scheduled for April 23, 2013, at their headquarters in San Francisco.


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Scituate Residents Not Taking Any Chances With Sandy Approaching October 26,2012...
SCITUATE (CBS) – It was a mad dash at Scituate Boat Works to get the boats in and secured on dry land before Sandy strikes, however she strikes. "We're going to do as much as we can over the next couple days, going at it until the last ones are out," said Scott Hamernick.

They were also cranking them out at the public boat landing, making it an official end to the season, for some a few weeks early. Chris Loring feels exposed even in the sheltered harbor. "We're in a safe marina, but another six or seven feet of water and things start washing around," he said.

With his boat "A Little Nuts", owner Stuart Rosen was feeling that way about the storm. "You don't want to mess around with Mother Nature. On the water it's a foolish thing to do and on land it's a foolish thing to do."

On land Rick Gander is preparing to install boards over his ocean-side windows as a layer of protection, but he hopes history is on his side. "This house has been here since 1900 and has been through a lot of storms," he says. "It's never been knocked off its foundation."

But Richie Gormley's home nearly was during the Christmas storm of 2010. He's boarded up again along the deck that was just rebuilt after a wave crashed through his home. "It came through the seawall, right through the house in the back and out the front."

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Scituate boat owners taking no chances as storm approaches October 26,2012...
SCITUATE, Mass. —The threat of damage from hurricane Sandy is forcing boat owners to remove their boats from the water before high winds and rain arrive.

Crews at Scituate Boat Works are taking out up to 15 boats a day ahead of the storm.

"It's the last-minute rush," said Ed Vachon, of Scituate Boat Works. "Everyone is panicking over the storm."

Even though the storm may not be a direct hit in New England, the damage could still be pronounced.

"We get a tidal surge in here, and we get some big waves that roll through," Vachon said.

Many boats are out of the water already because it's near the end of the season, making preparations a bit easier.

"It's good to have most of them out now," said Brian Curreri, of Scituate Boat Works. "Most of them are already shrink-wrapped. Most of them are already secured. So it's been a little easier."

Scituate Boat Works expects to be busy through the weekend as more people decide to play it safe.

"We'll be as prepared as we can be and hope for the best," said Curreri.

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Scituate Harbor marina gets new boat services building May 25,2012...
For the past three years, employees at Scituate Boat Works braved rain, snow and whipping winds to work on boats during the winter months. But this coming off-season, they'll have a warm place to get the job done.

Scituate Boat Works recently completed construction on a two-story, 2,500-square-foot marine services building at the Scituate Harbor marina. Company president Brian Curreri said the new building will help keep the boatyard busy year-round.

Though the yard's eight employees had previously been able to work on watercraft during the offseason, they always had to plan around the weather, postponing certain fixes and fighting the ever-present wind. The new heated facility can hold boats that are up to about 45 feet long, Curreri said, and accommodate a range of repair services, including paint jobs and engine rebuilds.

"For our guys, it wouldn't matter if it was heated – as long as it was out of that wind," he said.

The company works on about 300 boats each year, Curreri said, and the repair operation accounts for about half of its total business. The other half comes from boat storage at its dock, which can accommodate about 165 vessels.

Before moving into the new facility on April 15, the boatyard's main office was a construction trailer, Curreri said. Scituate Boat Works won a bid to manage the marina, a town-owned property, in 2009, and the company has leased the property through 2039. But Curreri, not the town, owns the new marine services building, he said.

Still, the building was modeled after the adjacent Scituate Maritime Center, a town-owned facility that features a function hall as well as restrooms and showers for boaters. Curreri's company intentionally included similar design touches in the new building, including matching light fixtures and copper arches, he said.

The company also runs a retail shop at the site, and has room for 300 square feet of office space to sublease. The boatyard has already attracted interest from a yacht surveyor and a yacht brokerage firm as possible tenants, Curreri said.

The company will officially celebrate the grand opening of its new building, at 119 Edward Foster Road, with an open house on Saturday.

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Town of Scituate Docks Open May 15,2010...
Now is the time to think about what a great summer you are going to have on your boat and the new Scituate Maritime Center adds to a stunning backdrop.

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Massachusetts Town Expands Marine Center (Reprinted From Soundings Trade Today)...
The town of Scituate, Mass., is dedicating its new maritime center Oct. 15, following five years of work to create a larger marina, boat storage facility and a park/trail area for water access.

Scituate purchased about 3.2 acres - including the last remaining boatyard and open space in its harbor - years ago, Howie Kreutzberg, chairman of the Scituate Waterways Commission, told Soundings Trade Only.

The plan, he said, was to expand the existing marina from 60 slips to 100 slips and provide slips for transient boaters; create a working boatyard to service recreational boaters and the town's commercial fishing fleet; and create open space and access to water for residents.

It cost about $1.8 million to complete those projects, Kreutzberg said.

The project also includes the new Scituate Maritime Center, which was funded entirely by grants, donated services and materials. The center will be a significant new community asset available to marina patrons and community groups, Kreutzberg said.
Scituate Marine Center Open House
Visit Scituate Marine Park during Heritage Days Weekend.
The Scituate Maritime Center will be holding a open house  - be sure to view this great facility.
Scituate Boat Works Commences Operations at Scituate Marine Park Site
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Scituate, MA. (July 1, 2009) – Scituate Boat Works, the newly designated boat yard operator for Scituate Marine Park, announced today, that it has signed its lease agreement the Town of Scituate, MA. to provide a full service boat repair facility with significant winter storage capabilities at the much anticipated park facility.

President of Scituate Boat Works, Brian Curreri, commented on the commencement of the operation:

“We are pleased to be able to help preserve Scituate Harbor’s only working boatyard and to be part of its historical significance. Officially and appropriately we are starting today, a date that now signifies National Boating Day since passed in Congress last week. The park is still in the final stages of development, we plan to have the boatyard fully operational no later than Labor Day, September 7, 2009.”

Starting July 1, 2009, Scituate Boat Works can handle all servicing needs including boat detailing, captain/mate services, emergency assistance, diesel and gas engine repair, electronics installation and repair, air conditioning service, marine plumbing and general boat repairs. This will be provided at select but limited on-site dockage or by two mobile marine service vans designated for Scituate and the surrounding area. This will continue until the grand opening near Labor Day. A new state-of-the-art 35 ton travel lift is currently in production at a facility in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and will be delivered to meet the opening deadline.

Curreri added:

“We will have full capability to haul most sail and motorboats up to 60 feet and the capacity for storing over 125 boats during the winter months. We are also currently taking reservations for our winter storage programs and reservations have already been met with much enthusiasm by the townspeople.”

In appreciation to the town for all of the hard work put forth to make this happen, Scituate Boat Works will be holding a kick-off celebration in September.

Curreri explains:

“We want to meet the people and let them see all the hard work that the town has done to make this happen. Hopefully many will decide to make it their choice for a place to keep and service their boats.”

Scituate Boat Works, will offer an expansive list of boat services, boat storage and limited slip rentals. Boat servicing will include major engine repairs and refits, electronics sales and installation, bottom painting, fiberglass repair, all interior and exterior detailing, running gear service, welding and metal fabrication.

For more information contact:

Scituate Boat Works
119 Edward Foster Road
Scituate, Ma 02066
781-545-0487 (O)
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